THE CULT OF SAINTS IN MEDIEVAL ICELAND - Convegno Internazionale - Torino 26-28 marzo 2018

Da Lunedì 26 Marzo 2018 alle ore 09:00, a Mercoledì 28 Marzo 2018 alle ore 13:00

La cattedra di Filologia germanica e il Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici (StudiUm) dell'Università di Torino, in collaborazione con la Biblioteca Capitolare di Vercelli, organizzano il Convegno "The Cult of Saints in Medieval Iceland: an International Symposium", in programma dal 26 al 28 marzo 2018 nelle due sedi dell'Aula Magna del Rettorato dell'Università di Torino e della Biblioteca Capitolare - Galleria del Museo di Vercelli (Piazza Alessandro d’Angennes, 5)


Studies in Old Norse-Icelandic hagiography have a long-established tradition, however, in the last three decades they appear to have benefited from an exceptionally positive reception among scholars of various disciplines. Historians have surveyed the cult of saints in their socio-political contexts, literary critics have investigated prose and verse adaptations and accommodations of the associated legends, and philologists have served original and imported hagiographical texts with a great number of critical editions and two newly updated catalogues. The Chair of Germanic Philology and the Department of Humanities at the University of Turin, in collaboration with the Biblioteca 
Capitolare di Vercelli, are pleased to welcome you to "The Cult of Saints in Medieval Iceland. An International Symposium", to be held in Turin and Vercelli on March 26th-28th 2018. The symposium has been specifically conceived to fuel this unprecedented interest in Old Norse-Icelandic hagiography by inviting the most eminent experts in the field to present their most recent studies, take a stock of the current state-of-the art, and provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of all aspects of the cults of saints in medieval Iceland.